Providing Rugs in Edinburgh for more than 25 years

For more than 25 years the Persian rug village has been providing carpets for export & domestic use from our fabulous showroom in the Morningside area of Edinburgh. Step into a courtyard from old Iran. Be transported east as you gaze at carpets, rugs, kilims and hangings from the towns and villages, deserts and mountains of Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Caucasian.

Pop into our Edinburgh Rug Shop for a Browse

Browse at your leisure through our wide-ranging displays or let our experts guide you on the history of each rug. Every motif has a meaning but each of our rugs is unique, hand-woven and following ancient traditions. The weavers use skills passed down through generations working with natural dyes on wool and the finest silks.

Easily Browse 100’s of Rugs, Kilims and Runners

You will benefit from our easy hanging system making it easy for you to view our 100’s of rugs and carpets in a very short time. As you wonder through you will see we have carpets, rugs and accessories to suit all budgets and every setting, from woven squares and runners which bring colour and distinction to even the smallest of modern homes to vast squares which grace the walls and floors of stately buildings. In addition, we provide a bespoke service which allows rugs and carpets to be ordered to your own specifications on pattern, colour and size.

Persian Rug Repairs and Cleaning Services

You are most welcome to view our exquisite range of antique rugs and hangings. We also operate specialist cleaning, repairs and conservation services for your own rugs. In our view, no damage is beyond repair and, if well looked after, our rugs and carpets should outlive their owners.

Rugs Expertly Chosen and Imported

You will benefit from our passion for maintaining the precious culture and skills behind traditional workmanship. Our business is not associated with the mass production of carpets and rugs through a factory system. We support the livelihoods of nomadic peoples and traditional rug-makers in towns and villages and work hard to keep their culture alive. We do not condone the exploitation of adults or children in the carpet making industry and will never knowingly purchase or have any merchandise made under these conditions.