Nahavand Rug

Persian Nahvand Rug

Origin:  Persian Nahavand Type of Weave: Rug Quality of Weave: Village Design: Geometric  Medallion Shape: Rectangle Age: Old Main Colour: Red and Blue Materials: Wool On Cotton Size: 242cm x 156cm / 8.0ft x 5.3ft Ref No: HWYA0059
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Yuruk Rug

Turkish Yuruk Rug

Origin:Turkish Yuruk Type of Weave: Rug Quality of Weave: Village Design: Geometric Allover Shape: Rectangle Age: New Main Colours: Beige and Red Materials: Wool on Wool Size: 197cm x 143cm / 6.5ft x 4.7ft Stock No: HWYA0093
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