With many years of experience in all aspects of rug making in our native country of Persia and exporting to Scotland, we are very knowledgeable in the needs of this market.

We know well the secret of the long lasting, high quality, vibrant colour and the decorative and traditional design of handmade rugs. Longevity is achieved by using high quality wool or silk with 100% natural dyes woven by loving and caring, skilled craftsman. We collect, choose and purchase rugs only from local markets which meet our standards. We accept nothing but the best from our cottage style workshops.

Benefiting from our team work with Fine Arts departments at universities in Iran & Turkey, we take pride in the wonderful traditions of rug weaving and encourage prospective customers to choose their own rugs with care and consideration. We can also offer individually commissioned, ‘one off’ pieces according to our customers’ specifications and desires. You are welcome to include your own motifs, signatures or even family crests which can be incorporated into the design of your commissioned piece.

Patience really is a virtue as handmade rugs can take months or even years to weave and be ready depending on the design.

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