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You’ll find a wide variety and huge selection of carpets at Persian Rug Village. Click through the links below to browse the range according to size, craftsmanship or type.

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Quality Sourcing

We have strict sourcing criteria for our handmade carpets. Lasting, vibrant colour is achieved through the use of high quality wool or silk coloured with 100% natural dyes. Weavers must be passionate about their craft, with a high level of skill, to ensure that the rug withstands wear over time.

We collect, choose and purchase rugs only from local markets which meet our standards, and accept nothing but the best from our cottage-style workshops.

Custom Rug Designs

We take pride in the wonderful traditions of rug weaving, working with Fine Arts departments at universities in Iran & Turkey to ensure that this form of art continues to be recognised at the highest levels.

This work, along with our relationships with weaving workshops, allows us to offer individually commissioned, ‘one off’ pieces designed according to customer specifications and desires. You are welcome to include your own motifs, signatures or even family crests into the design of your commissioned piece.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom rug please contact us for more information.