The Restoration Process

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Restoration in Our Workshops

There are many rug repairs we can carry out on our premises in Edinburgh and for larger jobs we have workshops in Turkey we can ship them to. Our workshops in Turkey are manned by a dedicated and highly skilled workforce mainly coming from a small village in Turkey renowned for its high turnout of master weavers. The skills our workforce have in weaving, dying wool and all other aspects of rug repairs are handed down by generation after generation, often within families, using traditional methods that have stood the test of time and are highly sought after in these modern times. We take great pride in them, respect and value them much.

Quality Materials

Before any high quality rug repairs are carried out we must first select the highest quality of materials needed for the job, for example wool can vary and there are various things that determine its properties. The best wool generally comes from sheep living at colder higher altitudes but their diet, what age they are sheered at and what areas of them the wool is taken from all factor into the type of wool you have to work with. We will source the materials that best match those used in your rug or carpet and have a long standing relationship with our suppliers that give us the quality we seek.

Matching Your Rug’s Colours

If we don’t have a colour of wool to match one needed to repair your rug we’ll simply make it from natural dyes.  Using traditional techniques, natural dyes are made from flowers and other things in nature, give better quality and last much longer. Natural dyes ingredients are picked or dug up then left to dry before grinding into a fine powder. Walnut husks used to get browns, madder root or at times cochineal to get reds, weld to get yellow, various plants that produce indigo used to get blues, greens can then be got from using indigo and weld, with many more colours coming from combinations of these natural dyes and others.