Louri Rug

Persian Louri Rug

 Origin: Louri Type of Weave: Rug Quality of Weave: Village Design: Geometric Shape: Rectangle Age: Old Materials: Wool on Cotton Main Colour: Dark Red Size:  170 x 141 cm / 5ft 6in x 4ft 6in Ref No: HWYA0374
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Luri Saddle Bag

Persian Louri  Saddle Bag

Origin: Persian Louri Type of Weave: Saddle Bag Quality of Weave: Nomadic Design: Geometric Medallion Shape: Saddle Bag Age: Old Materials: Wool on Wool Main Colour: Red & Ivory Size: 130 x 55 cm / 4ft 3in x 1ft 8in Ref  No: HWYA0031      
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