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Who We Are

For OVER 25 years, Persian Rug Village has supplied rugs across the UK and beyond, directly from our Morningside showroom in Edinburgh. But we are not just a rug company, we bring you the total Persian experience with our range of products and services. We are committed to creating that Persian vibe that adds zest and happiness to our customers home and life in general.

Our Values

Our reputation is our wealthiest possession; hence we are invested in ensuring authenticity and undiluted quality in our product and service delivery, which is evident from the moment you walk through our door.

Our Culture

Over the years, our collaborative culture has set us apart and endeared us to customers. Ensuring excellent customer experience and prioritising our people is the way we operate.

Our History

For more than 25 years the Persian rug village has been providing carpets for export & domestic use from our fabulous showroom in the Morningside areas of Edinburgh. Step into a courtyard from old Iran. Be transport east as you gage at carpets, rugs, kilims and hangings from the towns and villages, deserts and mountains of Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Caucasian.
Browse at your leisure through our wide- ranging displays or let our experts guide you on the stray of each rug. Every motif has a meaning but each of our rugs is unique- hand-woven and following ancient traditions. The weavers use skills passed down through generations working with natural dyes on wool and the finest silks.
You can benefit from our easy hanging system makes it easy for you to view our 100’s rugs and carpets in very short time. As you wonder through you will see we have carpets, rugs and accessories to suit all budgets and every setting from woven square and runners which bring colour and distinction to even the smallest of modern homes to vast squares which grace the walls and floors of stately buildings. In addition, we provide a bespoken service which allows rugs and carpets to be ordered to your own specifications on pattern, colour and size.
You are most welcome to view our exquisite range of antiques rugs and hanging and operate specialist cleaning, repairs and conservation service for your own rugs. In our view, no damage is beyond repairs and, if well looked after, our rugs and carpets should outlive their owners.
You will benefit from our passionate about maintain the precious culture behind traditional workmanship. Our business is not associate with the mass production of carpets and rugs through a factory system. We support the livelihoods of nomadic peoples and traditional rug-makers in towns and villages and work hard to keep their culture alive. We do not condone the exploitation of adults or children in the carpet making industry and will never knowingly purchase or have any merchandise made under these conditions.
  •  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you again.  We are delighted with the new rug it is a real luxury and so beautiful - we all clearly made the right choice…
    Good luck with the business.
    Julie H from North Queensferry
  • Excellent
    I recently visited this lovely shop with my daughter. At first, it seemed all rugs, etc but, there is a downstairs room filled with accessories, cushions, lamps, bags, scarves, plates, etc, etc. The person who runs the shop was very nice and couldn't be more helpful. A pleasure to shop here.
    Helen M from Edinburgh
  • We bought 2 rugs from this specialist shop.   The range of exquisite offerings was quite staggering but the expertise of the friendly staff quickly provided us with specific products to suit our needs. Also provided was an"at home" service so that we could see a selection of choices on our own floor spaces prior to purchase.
    Buying a Persian rug from an actual knowledgeable Persian was a very pleasant experience and we would recommend you try Persian Village first and for ever. Your purchases will become a family legacy and increase in value over time.
    Mr & Mrs Lindsay Edinburgh
  • "It is more than 20 years since we first bought a rug from you. Over the years we have always received good advice and warm and friendly service making a visit to your store a delightful experience. These hand-made works of art become  very  personal possessions and we greatly appreciate the care you and your colleague have taken in cleaning and repairing our rugs.
    We will continue to recommend you to our friends.
    Lang may your lum reek!"
    Greey & Shona Ward
  • "I am writing to say how very pleased my wife & I were with the renovation of our old carpet. It was bought some 65 years ago at an auction by my mother for £40, so it owes us nothing, but although you have not made it look like new (thankfully!), you have certainly given it at least another 65 years of life. You obviously employ very skilled craftsmen, as I would defy anyone to say where even the hole was. Very many thanks."
    M. A. Wallace
  • "We have had the pleasure of dealing with Persian Rug Village over the last twelve years. During this time we have been establishing our business dealing in Antique Carpets with the UK and abroad. Often these carpets have required a very skillful and high level of restoration to meet with the increasing demands of a sophisticated clientele. In bringing its experience to us, Persian Rug Village has been instrumental in ensuring that every item offered to him has been handled with great care and attention. The level of work, whether conservation or major restoration, has been carried out professionally and to the highest level possible. The work has always been carried out with great sensitivity and an understanding for the feel of the materials. I would recommend his services without hesitation and hope that he continues to work with us for many years to come."
    Shahbaz Afridi
  • "My experience with the Persian Rug Village has been incredible. I expect the man running the shop to of course know more about Persian rugs than I do, but the knowledge and willingness to enlighten me on all aspects of the carpets available was still quite a surprise!
    The shop really do do everything for you, they pick-up and deliver your carpet, and offer more than enough advice on cleaning and maintenance etc., which are services they all offer as well.
    A brilliant experience overall, I'll definitely be going back!"
    James Ganis
  • "You have been so kind and helpful in such big time. Thank you so much for all you have done. I don't feel like products are just being sold, I feel like friends have been made."
    Ms. Mackenzie Walton Edinburgh
  • "As we discussed when I visited your shop, I appreciated very much the selection and authenticity of your rugs. I know from speaking to people locally that - probably because of the quality and range of your stock - I am not the only one to know about one of Morningside's best kept secrets...the Persian Rug Village."
    Margo MacDonald, MSP