For 25 years Persian Rug Village has supplied rugs across the UK and abroad, direct from our showroom in the Morningside area of Edinburgh.

Brightly coloured lamps in the storefront.
Handcrafted cut glass lamps in the store window.

We are known for our authenticity and quality, which are evident from the moment you walk in the door.

Step into the East

Customers often reminisce about their travels as they peruse carpets, rugs, kilims and hangings from the towns, villages, deserts and mountains of Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Caucasus.

Browse at your leisure through our wide-ranging displays or let our experts guide you through the in-store collection. Each rug has a unique story and meaning, which can be interpreted through the motifs, design and colours used.


Three different rugs.
There’s so much more to Persian rug design than you might imagine!


Choose from hundreds of rugs, kilims, runners and furnishings

As you wonder through you will see we have carpets, rugs and accessories to suit all budgets and every setting, from woven squares and runners which bring colour and distinction to even the smallest of modern homes, to vast squares, the likes of which grace the walls and floors of stately buildings.

Through our relationship with master weavers in Persia and Turkey, we also provide a bespoke service which allows rugs and carpets to be ordered to your specifications on pattern, colour and size.

Rug restoration services

We also operate specialist cleaning, repairs and conservation services for all types of rugs. In our view, no damage is beyond repair and, if well looked after, handmade rugs and carpets should become heirlooms, lasting generations.

Ethical Sourcing

As a Persian-owned and operated business, we have a passion for maintaining the culture and skills of traditional Persian rug making.

Our business is not associated with the mass production of carpets and rugs through a factory system. We support the livelihoods of nomadic peoples and traditional rug-makers in towns and villages, and work hard to keep their culture alive.

We do not condone the exploitation of adults or children in the carpet making industry and will never knowingly purchase or stock any merchandise made under these conditions.

These sourcing practices are not only ethical; they help ensure a better quality product. Traditional weavers use natural fibres and dyes, which last better than synthetic versions, and craft rugs using techniques that have been proven to last generations.