1153Ref: Persian Baluch Rug 305cm x 73cm 10ft x 2.4ft
April 15, 2019
1167Ref: Persian Balochistan Rug 243cm x 67cm 8ft x 2.2ft
April 15, 2019
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1155Ref: Persian Baluch Rug
375cm x 58cm 12.3ft x 1.9ft

Region:  Baluch

Area Type:  Tribal

Type of Weave: Rug

Quality of Weave:  Semi Fine

Design: Allover

Shape:  Runner

Age: Old

Materials:  Wool

Main Colour:  Red

Border Colour:  Multi Coloured

Size: 375cmX58cm / 12.3ft x 1.9ft

Ref No:  HWYA1155